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Gasification Plant and Waste References

A collection of links, both pro and con, on the Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste and related issues.

Wikipedia article on Gasification

Alameda P&T Report (Part of this report was used at the Holliman Town Hall meeting)

Comments from Alameda on the report

Google search for Gasification of Waste

Waste to Energy information page

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League report

Blue Ridge comparison of Incineration and Gasification

Global Anti Incinerator Alliance

EPA proposed rule on gasification

Plasma Arc Gasification (just one new technology)

FOE on Gasification and Pyrolysis

Incinerators in disguise

Incineration Repackaged

TransBlawg report on a German Project

Concerns with a Peterborough Project Proposal

Zero Waste Initiatives

Article on the Zero Waste Declaration in Japan
Kamikatsu (home of the Zero Waste Declaration)
Text of the Declaration
Japan Zero Waste Action Plan Wasted Opportunity

Hazardous Wastes

Dioxin Facts